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Content Creation

Our Creation plan is designed to give startups and SMBs a leg-up through content marketing services without the overwhelming costs that come with hiring a full-service agency. 

In this plan, we work with you to develop helpful, brand-specific content. This package includes:

  • Initial Discovery and onboarding calls
  • Developing your content calendar based on the amount of content to be produced each month
  • Interviewing subject matter experts in your company to provide the substance behind the content
  • Researching additional sources and references to further bolster the authority of the content
  • Writing each content piece
  • Incorporating your feedback into the produced content
  • Proofreading, finalizing, and polishing the content
  • Optimizing the content for brand consistency and Search Engine Optimization (where applicable)
  • Delivering the content to the client
  • Repurposing the content as determined in the Discovery phase 

Content Promotion

The Promotion plan takes your content marketing to the next level, where we help you distribute and promote the content we provide as well as report back how the content is performing among your audience members and customers. 

In this plan, we work with you to develop helpful, branded content that we then deliver to your customers and report back with results. 

This package includes everything in the Creation plan, as well as:

  • Initial Discovery process also includes an effort to identify the channels most commonly used by your customers
  • Developing a communications plan  & calendar to promote your content among these channels
  • Curating content from other leaders and resources in your industry to deploy alongside your original content
  • Monitoring key industry leaders, topics, and competitors on social media to enable agile response to their posting
  • Back-end analysis of key reporting metrics from your Content Management System (CMS) and social media channels

Content Strategy (Premium)

Our Strategy plan is for companies who want to invest serious time and dollars in building a content marketing plan. We take you from beginning to end, helping you develop the topics and content that will establish you as the leader in your industry.

In this plan, we work with you to determine topics, format, schedule, and effectiveness of your content and then develop and deliver that content to your customers and report back with results.

This package includes everything in the Creation and Promotion plans, as well as:

  • Keyword and market research to determine the best topics and areas of expertise to write about
  • Establishing KPIs and means of measuring those KPIs to track results
  • Developing a calendar of content and regularly evaluating the best topics for that calendar
  • Creating short- and long-term plans geared toward establishing your company and personnel as the leading experts in your field. 

Key Questions About Our Services

Not at all. While these three plans provide a basic framework for our services, you are completely free to customize or change them as best fits your business needs. 

Because content marketing is only successful when executed consistently over a period of time, we highly recommend a monthly commitment for at least three months.

However, we understand that there are situations where a monthly plan doesn’t make sense, and we’re happy to accommodate those requests. 

Yes. The three plans are cumulative, which means that the Promotion plan includes everything in the Creation plan, and the Strategy plan includes everything in the Creation and Promotion plans. 

We offer both hourly and project based quotes for each of our plans. 

No. You can start or stop at any time. Many of our current customers started with a one-month trial, and just kept coming back for more! We hope that’s the case with you. 

Yes, we have a separate pricing structure for branding and design. 

We write website content and deploy through your already built and hosted CMS. For an additional charge, we can help you develop and design your website, but it is not included in any of our plans. We do not offer web hosting services, but can provide referrals. 

We will promote your content via your company’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+ accounts. We do not provide paid advertising or list acquisition services. 

Your involvement can be as involved or detached as you like. However, we know that the more detailed you are in your briefs and the more feedback you give on the final product, the quicker we’re able to acclimate to your brand and style.

We are committed to making a concerted effort to learn as much about your company, brand, clients, and industry as possible to improve the overall quality of the content. 

The Content Promotion and Strategy plans both include detailed reporting of the performance of your content through your CMS, email marketing platform, and social media channels. Due to the nature of the plan, we do not provide reporting for Content Creation, but we encourage you to track those results yourself. 

Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. However, if you downgrade, you will be billed for any work that has already been started.  

The amount of content we are able to repurpose depends entirely on the size of your plan. Larger plans will involve more free repurposing than smaller plans. 

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Content Marketing Services