How much does content marketing cost? It depends on your business.

We want to help you launch your content marketing at a cost that makes sense for your business. Take a look at these various plans and click here for more details if you need more information. Then let’s set up a time for you to talk to sales and get started creating and deploying content to generate more leads, build your brand, nurture your customers, and promote your products. 

Content Creation

The Creation plan includes:

  •  Developing your content calendar
  • Interviewing subject matter experts to gather the substance behind the content
  • Researching additional sources 
  • Writing the content
  • Incorporating your feedback into the content
  • Proofreading, finalizing, and polishing the content
  • Optimizing for brand consistency & SEO
  • Repurposing the content into other mediums and for other channels


per 500 words of content

Content Promotion

The Promotion plan includes:

  •  Everything in the Creation plan, plus:
  •  Developing a communications plan to compliment your content calendar
  • Curating content from other leaders in your industry to deploy alongside your content
  • Monitoring key industry leaders, topics, and competitors on social media to enable agile response to their posting
  • Back-end reporting of key metrics from your channels


per 500 words of content

Content Strategy

The Strategy plan includes:

  • Everything in the Creation plan, plus:
  • Everything in the Promotion plan, plus:
  • Keyword and market research to determine ideal topics and areas of expertise for your business
  • Establishing and measuring KPIs
  • Creating plans to establish your company as the expert in your field

Custom Pricing

Contact sales for more information.

The "Freelancer" Package

If your organization’s content writing needs require a more agile writer, or you’re looking for a way to test out our services before committing to one of our larger packages, this may be the best option for you. 

Our “freelancer” writers work directly with you just as if you were hiring directly from LinkedIn. We guarantee that allow of our writers will meet the following standards of quality:

  • Experience in writing for businesses and learning about new industries
  • Commitment to developing their understanding of you and your customers
  • Quality writing that you’ll be proud to put on your website
  • Alignment with SEO and other marketing best practices

Price: $60 per hour, billed monthly