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Providing the content to help new businesses grow faster, reach more people, and build something to last.


FEARLESS Content Group is a content marketing & production company specifically geared toward startups and SMBs. We provide creation, promotion, and strategy packages for written content to aid in lead generation, brand awareness, product marketing, and customer success. 

We are adventurers - about FEARLESS content group

Why the name FEARLESS?

The name FEARLESS is both an homage to the markets we serve and an aspiration for our brand. 

As the economy consolidates, markets and tools become more complex, and online environments become filled with more noise, startups and SMBs have plenty of obstacles to realizing their business success. The risk is high, but so is the reward. 

Because of that, these businesses are nothing short of FEARLESS.

And that’s what we want to be. When it comes to tackling challenges, meeting our customers’ needs, and providing the best content production services to the industry, we want to be, more than anything…


How can FEARLESS help?

According to a 2016 study, more than 96% of B2B buyers want content with more input from industry thought leaders. 66% of U.S. consumers spend more on brands to which they feel loyal.

Regardless of the type of business you run, your customers want to receive more than simply promotion and product information. They want to build a connection with you, coming to you for information and insights around the areas of expertise your business has. Content marketing helps to establish you as an authority in your field.

But it’s not just that. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates up to 3x as many leads. On average, conversion rates are six times higher for companies using content marketing than those who aren’t.

So, your buyers want content. Content is going to help you improve your business metrics. So what’s the holdup?

Three of the most common obstacles to content marketing are:

Inability to produce content consistently. Producing a single piece of content is a lot of work in and of itself, but producing content consistently is even harder. When business leaders and marketers have to-do lists a mile long, carving out that time to write or record seems like it’s impossible. 

Difficulty producing engaging content. Creating content is great, but creating content that your audience engages with is better. This requires an intentional process to find out your audience’s needs and interests, as well as the goings on of your industry. That way, you’ll provide content that’s actually interesting. 

Not tracking the success or performance of your content. How do you know whether your audience is enjoying your content, whether it’s helping them, or which of the pieces you’ve published are getting the most attention and mileage? Tracking performance involves setting up the systems you need to gather that information, something that takes time and attention.

For startups and SMBs without fully formed marketing departments much less content marketing departments, the challenges are even more acute. With your time stretched thin enough as it is, there’s not much time left in the day to engage in content marketing.

That’s where FEARLESS can help. With our expertise in creating, promoting, and strategizing around content, we can leverage it to get you closer to your business goals:

  • We can generate more leads by drawing traffic to your site and engaging your audience to convert
  • We can build your brand authority by generating substantive content positioning you as a leader in your industry
  • We can help you market your products by creating product-specific information to educate buyers prior to making a purchase
  • We can nurture your customers so they stay in contact with your business and continue in a meaningful relationship with you

Our Process

Here’s a brief overview of how we create that content in a way that leverages both quantity and quality to your advantage:

Gather Expertise

We talk to your subject matter experts to gather insights into the topics you want to talk about.

Create Content

We create the content based on the insights you provide, fully optimizing and polishing it.

Deploy & Promote

We send you the content for you to deploy, or deploy it on your behalf (depending on your plan).

Examine Results

We examine the results of the content, either ourselves or through what you report back to us.


We take the content we’ve created for you and repurpose it at no additional charge.

Our People

Timothy Wier - Founder

Timothy Wier


Timothy is a prolific content marketer with experience working with startups, small companies, nonprofits, agribusinesses, tech companies, and more. A creative writer at heart, Timothy has written blogs, eBooks, guides, pillar pages, websites, video scripts, interviews, podcast scripts, social media posts, email newsletters, fundraising letters, grant proposals, digital & print ad copy, press releases, and much more. He writes thousands of words per day, in addition to managing the day-to-day operations of FEARLESS, and is passionate about helping startups and SMBs reach their goals through content that establishes them as leaders in their industry and among their customer base.

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